Monday, 1st February 2016

On this day, Education Matters opened it doors with a mission of matching talent with opportunity. One year on, we are pleased to share with you some numbers that represent what we have achieved so far in this journey.


The total number of completed USAP applications received from A level students all over Zimbabwe. This is the record highest number of USAP applications received in the 17 year long history of the program.


The number of students selected into the 2016-17 USAP cohort from a pool of 150 finalists, many who went through in-person interviews. We set out to accept 40 students, but couldn't drop any further after narrowing down to 41.


All of Zimbabwe's 10 Provinces are represented in the the 2016-17 USAP cohort who speak a total of 12 different languages.

2.5 Million

The amount in US Dollars received in financial aid for undergraduate study by the 10 USAP students who were accepted during the Early Decision/Early Action U.S. application round. These 10 USAPers will be attending Brown, Bryn Mawr, Harvard, Lafayette, Pomona, Reed, Sewanee, Smith, Wellesley and the University of Pennsylvania.


The number of student athletes accepted in 2016 from our Student Athlete Cohort with partial or full funding at U.S. colleges and universities. These athletes are competing in NCAA Divisions 1-3 playing sports which include Basketball, Cross Country, Cycling, Field Hockey, Rugby, Swimming, Track and Field and Water Polo.


The combined number of hours interned by Zimbabwe Career Connect interns during their two month internships. ZCC placements included AiBST, Baines Intercare, Community Affairs Foundation, Econet, Ecosurgica, Liquid Telecoms, Makomborero, Mpilo Hospital, PAAB, Udugu Institute, World Education, Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe, and ZOL.


The number of teachers from Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe who attended the Yale Young African Scholars educators' conference, organized by Education Matters and hosted at Arundel School in Harare in August.

64 170

The distance in kilometres traveled by members of our team for education conferences, workshops, trainings and various speaking engagements. These included the I-ACAC International Conference, Wharton Africa Business Forum and the Alpha Ω Social Entrepreneurship Conference.

5 352

The distance travelled in kilometres on Zimbabwean tarred and dirt roads. Our team completed 31 home visits to USAP families as well as presentations and workshops to students and educators around Zimbabwe.

20 950

The amount in USD$ raised from individual donations on 145 separate donations were made to support our Chromebook and USAP Access Fund Campaigns on the Global Giving platforms.

Thank You

We thank you, our partners and friends, for your support during our first dynamic year. We are diving into 2017 to improve our programs and expand our reach, all with the aim of transforming lives through education. Onwards and upwards! Indeed, education does matter.